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* Profit considers a share of the Trader and income tax. ​

The author of the site reserves the right, correct understanding of the used texts on the site.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

​Prague, Czech Republic

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   Dear customer, by submitting an order request, you agree to purchase the information provided to you by the author by e-mail.

    The amount of information acquired is not regulated, and the author reserves the right to present the information to the buyer as he sees and understands it, based on his personal understanding and experience.

   The file which you receive after making payment (information on payment will be sent you in the electronic way, after sending the application), will contain information on several signals which in opinion and experience of the author, are capable to help to profit in the exchange auction and also the important rule which the author followed and considers it necessary to observe it, when holding the electronic auction ​.

   The Author shall not be liable or indemnify if, for one reason or another, you as the customer, as a consequence of the acquisition of Magic Boiler Option No. 2, suffered financial losses or did not arrive.

* By submitting the application, you agree not to file any claims with the author or to claim any refund.  All consequences, you assume. ​

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