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Services of the TRADERa



   Unfortunately, many have a wrong understanding of who is TRADER and who is BROKER? And the difference between them is significant.

   TRADER is a merchant who is acting on his own initiative, seeking profit from trading And. If TRADER for investor does not bring profit, I will not earn anything myself

   BROKER on the other hand, carries out transactions often at the request of the client, or on his behalf, and as a rule BROKER does not bother whether profit from the client will be or the latter will lose everything, because his services will be paid on the basis of reimbursable contracts with the client.


Terms and conditions for the provision of TRADER services

  For the conclusion of the arrangement ​ about providing trading services, it is necessary to understand the following: ​

- You must have an initial capital of at least 10 thousand . Euro

- Invested capital used in turnover for at least twelve months

- Monthly investor has the right to withdraw the amount equal to the received profit for the past month, provided that at the moment of the desired withdrawal of money it will not negatively affect the open trading position.


Two investment options are possible for the investor:


1) The investor in his own name opens a trading account in the company that is specified A lower. By transferring funds to the trading platform, the investor grants the trader access (login and password, which is obtained at the register ). The trader further starts at his own discretion to make certain transactions depending on market sieves

* In this case, the investor has access to the trading platform 24 hours a day and can monitor the state of affairs at will.

2) Investor transfers funds to bank account Tr Eider. After which the Trader transfers the received funds to its trading platform with which makes trading deals to its usmo

* In this case, the investor receives a monthly electronic report from the trader, as of the account.



Opening of the trading account is carried out through the bank Česka Sporitelna. This bank is an intermediary of services from SAXO BANK and provides technical support. For more detailed information, you can follow the links which are given below. ​




Then, to you here...


 It is quite likely that you want to know the basics of trade, in which case you need to spend many years studying, observing and understanding what actually drives the prices of stock exchange quotations, which will take no little time, patience and perseverance. I am ready to "reduce" your path in a sense and help understand important points that indicate in most cases future price movement. And it 's not related to news or any strategy, and not even indicators. "Magic kettle" which I propose for sale, in the right hands and with its head on its shoulders, will bring much more profit to those who will buy it for the price below.





* the checked signals

an important rule in trade

* recommendation of trade instruments.

The information is brief and informative. The price is 10,000 Euros. ​


* Verified signals for transactions.

The information is brief and informative.

The price is 5,000 Euros. ​


* the checked signals

* an important rule in trade.

The information is brief and informative. The price is 8,000 Euros. ​

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